get to know me meme [2/5] favourite tv shows: castle

Andrew Marlowe: Castle and Beckett end up being accidental nannies. If I’m the fan and I’ve been watching this show, I know a lot about Rick and Kate, but I don’t really know how they feel about more kids. Does Castle want more? And for Beckett, somebody who has been pursuing her career and her job so doggedly, I’m sure it’s crossed her mind theoretically - ‘Oh, sure. I’ll have kids someday.’ - but someday’s coming up.  We get to see Castle and Beckett playing house and taking a big step forward in their relationship.

Actress Stana Katic and Luke Reichle, costume designer of “Castle” at The Television Academy’s Costume Design and Supervision Peer Group Executive Committee hosts costume design Emmy nominee reception at FIDM Museum & Galleries on the Park on July 19, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.


I’m so happy for you detective, despite of who you’re marrying.

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@RedCarpetLuke: “ from S6  pays obecience to in drag. ” (x)

"Truth conquers all."

@Stana_Katic: “Vintage. A night out with " (x)